Construction Management Services

Media Art and Dorsey Park Roadway Improvements Projects

Client: City of Miami

Location: Miami, Florida

Service: Construction Management Services

Project Overview

EAC Consulting Inc. (EAC) was requested by the City of Miami (the City) to perform Construction Engineering & Inspection Services for this project under contract with the City. EAC was required to assist the Construction Manager of the Capital Improvement Project Department (CIP) in documenting field construction work, inspect construction work by the contractor, check quantities, check spread rates and sidewalk flag replacements.

The Project consisted of concrete sidewalk replacement, curb ramps replacement, drainage installation, milling and resurfacing, and striping in the area of Media Art Center and Dorsey Park neighborhoods. In addition, the projects included of restoring three main streets: NW 1st Place, NW 1st Court & NW 1 Avenue and five side streets: NW 15th Street, NW 16th Street, NW 17th Street, NW 18th Street, & 19th Street; for a total of about 2.3 miles’ length.

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