Civil Engineering

Miami-Dade Children’s Courthouse

Client: Metropolitan Miami-Dade County General Services Administration

Location: Miami, FL

Service: Civil Engineering

Project Overview

EAC Consulting Inc. provided the civil engineering design services required for the Miami-Dade County Children’s Courthouse. The design closely adhered to design guidelines and requirements for a Silver LEED certified building. Included in the design was a new 20-inch Watermain Pipeline segment required to facilitate the construction of the Children’s Courthouse in Downtown. The pipe materials used for utility systems and stormwater management followed applicable LEED recommendations. The civil engineering services included site and geometry layout plans, demolition design and plans, paving and grading, drainage and stormwater, utilities, utility relocation of water and gas, and a traffic/ parking impact study. The project also required coordination with permitting/jurisdictional agencies like: MWASD, City of Miami Public Works and Fire Department, DERM, Miami-Dade County Health Department and FDEP.

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